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Organizations spend lot of time, effort and money in hiring qualified resources, but hiring good resources is just one part, efficiently utilizing them is another!That’s where a good resource management software proves vital .

eRS Cloud is designed to help organizations utilize resources efficiently by properly profiling, identifying and scheduling qualified resource on projects and ad-hoc work.It has mature features that are developed based on industry feedback which ensures that organizations get the best out of their resources; hence getting more done with fewer hands.

Our users have reported completing 15% - 25% more projects just by efficiently resourcing them using our resource management software.

Dashboard of our resource management tool Cloud Version

Important Information on Dashboard

Correct Information is the key to effective resource management and decision making. eRS Cloud resource management software, has a highly configurable and easy to use dashboard that allows key information accessible on one single screen. These widgets can show information in multiple units and scale as per your requirement.

Dashboards provide a real time insight into resource capacity, resource utilization, availability, projects etc. and instantly highlights areas which require attention. On the basis of this information, user can drill down to get detailed insights.

Resource list in our software for resource management Cloud Version

Centralized Pool of All Your Resources

Organizations that have multiple offices, have resources spread in different locations, cities & even countries.Further these resources maybe grouped under multiple teams, departments and be working on different projects.This leads to a lack of visibility of your organization’s resources and diminishes ability to efficiently identify qualified resources when required.

eRS Cloud resource management tool, maintains a centralized directory of all your resources along with all possible information (skills, qualifications, certificates etc.). This information is shared with restricted users across the organization based on their access rights. Having a centralized directory, makes searching & identifying the right resource across multiple offices, geographies, teams very easy.

Project list in our tool for resource management Cloud Version

Centralized List of All Projects

Organization might undertake multiple projects of different types at any given time. Projects might be in various stages and this information is often spread across teams and departments responsible for individual projects. This makes reporting about projects and resources ineffective and often incorrect.

eRS Cloud maintains complete list of all your projects in one place. Project profile forms and custom fields allow capturing all possible information that can later be used to filter and identify projects quickly.

Centralized project list is shared with all users across the organization based on their access rights, so users have access to project information on need to know basis. Having a centralized list of projects provides accurate and clear visibility of projects and their statuses based on which organization can make key decisions.

Increse Utilization with eRS Cloud resource management software Cloud Version

Measure & Optimize: Utilization Report

Organizations constantly want to optimize resource utilization, but it’s difficult to improve what we cannot accurately measure. Thus, resource utilization needs to be accurately measured and reported.

eRS Cloud uses algorithms that measure and report on resource utilization at all levels (resource, project, team, office etc.). This information is updated in real-time whenever a booking is created, deleted or updated.

Utilization reports are highly configurable (views, units, graphs, filters etc.) and provide information required for management decision making and hence optimizing resource utilization effectively.

Measure availability with eRS Cloud-Version

Efficient Resourcing Plans with Availability Report

Information about availability of resources is important to take critical decisions regarding initiation of new projects and to make effective hiring plans. This information is often buried in spread sheets, notebooks of various teams members and managers.

Our availability report shows accurate and integrated availability data at all levels of organizations (resource team, office etc.); that too in multiple units and views. Report gets updated in real-time whenever a booking is created, deleted or updated. This facilitates making efficient resourcing and hiring plans for short, medium and long term.

Flexible user access rights in our resource management application Cloud-Version

User Access on ‘Need to Know’ Basis

We understand that resource, project, scheduling and reporting data can be confidential. Thus, we have developed the most sophisticated user access rights in the industry. Our user rights ensure that users are only able to view and / or modify data as per rights assigned to them.

View and / or edit rights can be assigned at resource level, project level or by any other grouping (manager, team, department, office etc.).

Manager Multiple Resource Types Cloud-Version

Manage Multiple Resource Types

Employees, contractors, equipment, meeting rooms etc. all resources are important and need to be managed and scheduled efficiently to ensure organization’s success.

eRS Cloud resource management software allows scheduling resources of any type. Every resource type has a profile form for information capturing. Configurable fields allow capturing information according to requirements of each resource type. Example: Skills for employees and Capacity for meeting rooms.

Reports show utilization and availability figures according to resource types and schedule can be configured to show different types of resources scheduled against projects.

Manage Multiple Project Types-medium Cloud Version

Manage Resources on Different Types of Projects

Not all projects are same. Some can be related to marketing, some engineering, some consulting, some can be small projects and others can be large.

Thus, eRS Cloud allows configuring multiple types of projects as per your requirements. Each project type can have custom information capturing fields. Reporting can be done based on the project types. Example marketing project type, consulting project type and so on.

Manage Different Working Timings Cloud Version

Manage Multiple Working Timings: Working Calendars

Defining working days, timings and holidays for resources is important for accurate resource scheduling.

No matter if you have resources in one city or across the globe, or if you have full time, part time or casual resources - Simply create a working calendar for every unique working pattern in your organization (working days, timings, holidays) and map it to resources.

Our software will automatically calculate resource capacity based on resource’s working calendar and will ensure accurate calculations and correct reports.

Flexible Billing Cloud Version

Flexible ‘Pay as You Go’ Billing Based on Usage

We offer billing and subscription options that we ourselves are comfortable with. Thus, we have provided flexible subscription options with no long-term commitments.

You can choose number of resources that you want to schedule (increment of 1) and opt from monthly or annual billing plans.

You can choose to increase or decrease number of resources on the fly and our billing system will automatically charge / provide credits for balance amount on pro-rata basis. Reducing number of resources will result in credits, that will be used against future invoices.

Q. Are on-premise version and cloud version part of same software?

No, on-premise version and cloud version are two separate software.

Cloud version is offered as Saas product and on-premise version is offered as licensed product.

Q. Different terminology is being used to describe software, why?

Our two software are ‘eResource Scheduler Cloud’ and ‘eResource Scheduler On-Premise’.

These are both resource scheduling software but are also referred as resource management software, resource planning software and resource allocation software.

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