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Real-Time Resource

Always be up to date about where your resources are allocated, their scheduled effort, remaining capacity and when can they be available for other project work.


Share Resource Across

eResource Scheduler allows creating a centralized pool of resources with their skill matrix. This pool can be accessed by all teams to search and schedule qualified resources for projects.

Maximise Resource

eResource Scheduler features facilitate maximising resource utilization by implementing process, transparency and coordination in your scheduling process

Maximise Resource Utilization
Optimise Resource Capacity

Optimise Resource

eResource Scheduler allows using resource capacity where its needed the most and helps in formulating hiring plans based on actual needs of your organization. So you maximise usage of existing resources and only hire resources you need.

Capture Actuals Using

eResource Schedule comes with fullfleged inbuilt timesheet software / module that allows capturing actual time spent by resources on projects and generates timesheet reports.

Capture Actuals Using Timesheets
Financials to Boost your Bottomline

Financials to Boost your

In-built financial module allows defining hourly cost & billing rates facilitates reporting on cost, revenue and profit all all levels of the organization i.e. Resource, project, team, client etc.

Resource Globally,
Schedule Locally

Your resources can be spread across the globe (or outside!), our resource scheduling software offers features like multiple working calendars, time-zone support and groupings like cities and countries to schedule them fom the comfort of your desk (or sofa :-)).

Resource Globally Schedule Locally
dentify Gaps and Leakages

Identify Gaps and

Planned v/s/ actual reports compare utilization, capacity and financial data from scheduling and timesheets side by side and highlight gaps and leakages.


I was significantly impressed with level of customer service and effort spent to get us acquainted with the solution and a demo site set up for us to test out.
Darren Edgerly
eRS has been a huge boost to our team across Ontario tracking and planning vacation, training, project work and system installations.
Earl Langridge
GE Healthcare
With eRS we can do almost everything just by clicking and dragging. And this is also true also for introducing changes to an existing plan.
Jacek Pawłowski
Apator SA
Delivering to a globally distributed client base with an equally distributed resource pool meant the need for accurate and timely management information to ensure the delivery of world class projects and services. eRS Cloud has given me this capability both from a resource management point of view but also financial management, it's ease of use and flexibility set it apart from the others
Sean Whewell
ERICSSON | Head of Delivery
Custom Fields & Forms
Resource Skill Matrix
Drag n Drop Scheduling
Calengar Integration
Human & Non-Human Resources
Flexible User Access Rights
Management Reports
Email Notifications
Utilization Reporting
Capacity Reporting

Explainer Video

eResource Scheduler Explainer Video


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