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Q. Do I need a credit card to start trial?

No, credit card is not required for trial.

Q. Are there any restrictions during trial period?

No, there are no feature restrictions during trial.

Q. Is there any minimum lock in period or long term contracts?

No, there is no lock in period or long term contracts.

Q. Do we need to pay separately for support?

No additional fee. Support is included in subscription fee.

Q. What is the difference between resource and user?

Resources are people and / or equipment that are scheduled in our resource management software (eRS Cloud), whereas users are people who have log in id and password to use the application and can view and schedule resources. Users can also be resources and vice versa but not necessarily.

Q. License fee is based on resources or users?

We follow “Pay per Use” policy and resources are used as indicator of usage. Thus, license fee is based on the number of resources you schedule in our resource scheduling software (eRS Cloud).

Q. Any restriction on number of users that can access the application?

No, irrespective of number of resources subscribed, there is no restriction on the number of users that can be created and can access our resource planning software (eRS Cloud).

Q. Can we increase or decrease number of resources mid term?

Yes, resources can be increased or decreased anytime during your subscription. Increase will result in pro rata charge and decrease will result in pro rata credit that can be adjusted against future invoices.

Q. What subscription plans are available?

We have Monthly and Annual subscription plans. In Annual plan, we offer 2 months usage for free (16.66% of savings annually).

Q. Do we need to pay separately for updates?

No, additional payment is NOT required for updates. Subscription fee includes updates and fixes.

Q. Can we cancel subscription and get refund?

Subscription can be cancelled anytime, and we offer pro rata credit for the period remaining in subscription. Incase you decide to start again within 1 year, then this credit can be adjusted against future invoices. We do not offer refunds.

Q. Can we pay via credit card, debit card or ACH?

Yes, we accept Credit & Debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club and also accept payments via ACH.

Q. Can we pay via bank transfer?

Yes, clients with annual subscription can choose to pay via bank transfer. For bank transfers, contact your account manager or write on .

Q. Is our credit card and debit card information safe?

Yes, your details are perfectly safe. We use world renowned payment and subscription management gateway named STRIPE. STRIPE is PCI Level 1 compliant and we never have access to your card details.


Zack Shulman

Gigamon | IT Security Engineer

"eRS has a great user interface and is easily used administered. It accomplished what we needed it to do."

Abigail Leal Mena

Corning Optical Communications | Sr. Manufacturing Engineer

"I like the booking chart, easy to see the time booked for my team. Also, I like the opportunity to separate times per projects and have the information per user. Now we have the opportunity to measure productivity of our teams."

Brooke Ferguson

Amec Americas | Project Controller

"The visual display is very helpful. Clear and easy to see gaps. The ability to export data allows us to present information in ways that suit our needs."

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